Mobile Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Defective Auto Product Liability Claims

November 15, 2016
  1. 1. Leading Types of Defective Auto Part Accidents
  2. 2. Get A Mobile Personal Injury Lawyer To Represent Your Faulty Auto Product Case

While the majority of motor vehicles are produced with high-quality parts that have been thoroughly tested for safety according to national automotive standards, unsafe or faulty auto products can cause serious accidents and injuries.

When an automobile or even recreational vehicle such as a four-wheeler has defective components that are to blame for an accident that causes injuries, the company that made the product can be held liable for damages.

If you have been severely hurt or your child has suffered a severe injury while riding on an ATV, a Mobile personal injury lawyer at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys can help you determine whether you should file an auto product liability claim against the manufacturer.

Leading Types of Defective Auto Part Accidents

Some of the most frequent legal claims for defective auto products involve substandard engineering, seat belt and airbag malfunctions, faulty tires, and defective seatbacks. Vehicle parts that are crucial to the safe operation of a vehicle, such as braking systems, fuel, and steering systems, are also common.

Depending on whether the defective part impacted only a few vehicles or the whole line of that model and year automobile as well as what mechanical system was affected, a faulty component could exist without any adverse incident occurring for many years. If a defect is discovered across an entire automobile product line, the company will generally issue a massive recall to consumers. In these situations, injuries that have resulted from this auto product will be handled in a class action lawsuit.

If you think that your car or ATV accident may have been caused by an auto product malfunction or defect, contact the Mobile personal injury lawyers at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys. There are limitations on filing auto product liability claims so it is advised to consult with an injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss the details of the incident and the extent of your injuries.


Get A Mobile Personal Injury Lawyer To Represent Your Faulty Auto Product Case

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we have handled defective automobile product claims for residents across Alabama. Our law firm has three decades of experience in Alabama personal injury law, and we can help you obtain a fair settlement without going to court or provide aggressive litigation to help you win your case.

Automotive vehicle producers and ATV manufacturers have extensive legal resources at their disposal so it is important to get professional expertise if you believe you may have grounds for a defective auto component injury lawsuit.

When you contact the personal injury attorneys at Andy Citrin, we will deploy our legal team to begin investigating your accident and the scientific and mechanical facts about the auto product malfunction that caused your injuries. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in product liability law and consumer safety responsibilities for corporations. Citrin law firm will make sure you don’t suffer any further after being injured by a dangerous auto product.

Getting help is simple – call our intake specialists 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 251-888-8888 to receive a free consultation. You can also complete our free online case evaluation form to have a member of our team review your accident information and help you decide if you have reason to file a personal injury lawsuit against the auto product manufacturer.


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