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July 31, 2014

The majority of Alabama drivers will recall passing by or driving throughout a construction zone in their travels. With the enormous amount of potential hazards that exist in these areas, construction zone accidents happen to be amongst the most dangerous of all collision in the state of Alabama. Commonly causing injuries such as fractures, brain damage, and spinal cord injury, construction zone accidents often end in catastrophic damages.

All Alabama motorists must exercise an extreme level of caution while operating their vehicles in any type of construction zone. More often than not there will be substantial signage present at any construction location. Heavy signage in the beginning of the construction zone warns oncoming traffic of the pending hazards ahead. Motorists must react quickly to these signs and adjust driving habits accordingly.

Sadly, many Alabama drivers neglect to recognize these signs in enough time to alter their driving behaviors. One of the largest contributors to work zone collisions is slowed reaction times. Oftentimes these signs indicate the need for a lane change or a merging of two lanes. Neglecting to react in enough time will leave motorists struggling to move into the appropriate lanes.

In addition to slowed reaction times to work zone signage, construction zone accidents often occur due to the poor quality of roads that have yet to be completed. When driving on a road that is being operated on, uneven or unpaved roads greatly influence one’s ability to safely drive from one place to another. If you or a loved one has been involved in a work zone accident, Citrin Law Firm is prepared to take on your case today.

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Driving Hazards in Work Zones

Construction zone collisions are caused by a number of factors that the average Alabama motorist may not be aware of. As more and more drivers enter the roadways of Alabama, traffic congestion highlights the need to widen roads, fix poorly paved roads, and many additional elements that will improve overall safety. Unfortunately, while these adjustments and fixes are essential, they are often the cause of some of the most debilitating collisions occurring today.

Driver negligence tops the list as one of the largest contributing factors to work zone crashes. Negligent drivers are unable to react to the changes in the roadways quickly, often causing a crash. In addition, careless drivers often fail to notice signage warning them of these upcoming hazards. Being aware of the potential construction zone hazards is helpful in reducing the number of associated collisions. The following are some of the most common driving hazards in work zones:

Predicting these types of crashes before they occur is largely impossible. However, being aware of some of the most common work zone hazards will help Alabaman drivers to react quickly and responsibly. Determining liability in these types of collisions is essential for accident victims to receive the compensation that they deserve.

More often than not the employers, contractors, and landowners are held liable for any damages that take place within a construction zone. These people must remain in compliance with the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OHSA). If they fail to remain in compliance, they will be held responsible for any damages or injuries that take place.

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Causes of Construction Zone Accidents

Construction zones can be found all throughout the state of Alabama. In fact, there are specific additional laws in place regarding construction zone travel and the consequences for those who choose disobey the law. Rear-end crashes are the most commonly seen types of collisions in work zones. This is due largely in part to the driver’s inability to react to reduced speeds, which causes them to crash into the vehicle in front of them.

The following are some of the most common causes of construction zone accidents:

If you or a loved one has experienced any injuries following a construction zone accident, Citrin Law Firm is here to help. With over 25 years of legal experience, we offer our clients dedication, compassion, and thorough knowledge of the law.

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