Mass Torts and Medical Litigation Opportunities

December 30, 2015
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  2. 2. Diabetes
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  4. 4. Blood Clot and High Cholesterol Drugs
  5. 5. Mesothelioma
  6. 6. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Pharmaceutical companies design products, devices, and specialized drugs to help people find relief from a wide array of ailments and diseases. Unfortunately, although these drugs are designed to help people, that is not always the end result. Sometimes certain medicines, products, and medical devices cause unforeseen problems. Civil action lawsuits and mass torts can help individuals hurt by medical products get the compensation they deserve.

Several mass torts have been established against major drug companies for patients seeking relief from blood clots, high cholesterol, schizophrenia, diabetes, hypertension, and other ailments or conditions. Consulting with a lawyer who is familiar with mass torts can bring you to justice quickly. The Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys in Mobile and Daphne have open investigations and significant information gathered on several harmful drugs and products that you or someone you know may have taken or used. The benefits of filing to join a mass tort case are that research information can be shared and people experiencing similar side effects can join together to solidify their case against one of these large, powerful medical companies.

Contact Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Now to File Your Mass Tort Claim and Get Representation for a Medical Lawsuit


Several diabetes medications have been linked to cancer and other adverse side effects. Type 2 diabetes drugs that can cause irreversible damage and cancer include Actos, Byetta, Invokana, Januvia, Ongylza, Tradjenta, and Victoza. Type 2 diabetes is caused by high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. Type 2 diabetes affects 27 million adults in the US. Doctors have prescribed Actos, Byetta, Invokana, Januvia, Ongylza, Tradjenta, and Victoza to help regulate glucose levels and combat insulin resistance. Januvia has specifically been linked to pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer. Other similar drugs like Byetta, Ongylza, Tradjenta, and Victoza have been linked to these forms of cancer as well. Actos has been prescribed to type 2 diabetes patients but has regrettably caused some patients to develop bladder cancer. Invokana has alternately resulted in ketoacidosis or DKA, and patients have experienced diabetic comas from high insulin levels. Mass torts have helped patients experiencing these devastating side effects receive settlements to pay for their necessary medical bills.

Women and Medical Product Failures

Women have filed mass torts against multiple companies that have produced intrauterine devices and transvaginal meshes. The Mirena IUD device, a levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system, has caused uterine perforation and tissue damage for many women. Females seeking relief from vaginal structural problems, urinary incontinence, and organ displacement have used transvaginal meshes. A rapidly growing number of these women have experienced mesh migration and organ perforation. These women have been forced to undergo surgery to correct the damage and displacement caused by transvaginal meshes. If you have experienced any of these problems from the Mirena IUD or a transvaginal mesh, you need an understanding medical device litigation attorney on your side. Andy Citrin and his team of tenacious attorneys are experts in medical device litigation and are ready to help you join a mass tort.

Other mass torts have been formed regarding the popular cholesterol-lowering drug called Lipitor. Although many patients have successfully used Lipitor to treat their high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, some female Lipitor users have experienced severe side effects. Immutably, Lipitor has been found to cause type 2 diabetes in some women.

Blood Clot and High Cholesterol Drugs

Xarelto, an anti-clotting drug, has been widely prescribed by doctors to their patients with blood clots. Xarelto has been dismally linked to severe bleeding incidents, stroke, clots, and in severe cases, has resulted in patient death. If you or someone you know has taken Xarelto and experienced one or more of these side effects, you may be eligible for compensation.



Asbestos exposure has caused many irreversible health conditions. Asbestos silicate fibers have been used for many construction products, including insulation, roofing, tiles, paints, and adhesives. Absestos has also been used in vehicle industry products like brake shoes and automotive plastics. Asbestos fibers can become trapped in the lungs and lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is another cancer caused by asbestos exposure that affects the protective membrane lining and tissue of the abdomen and lungs.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Other medications can cause severe allergic reactions. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a life-threatening allergic reaction which affects the epidermal skin cells and mucous membranes. Blisters or skin rashes will form and cause top-layer skin cells to prematurely die and shed. Even over-the-counter drugs can cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

If you have experienced problems because of a medical device, you can receive help now. Seek representation from an experienced Alabama attorney if you have been diagnosed with cancer as a result of taking one of the medications described above. If you have experienced severe, adverse side effects from a medical device, product, or drug, contact Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys now.

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