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Tornado Season Vehicle Preparation Tips

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In over 50 years, Alabama, along with Kansas, has reported more tornadoes than any other state in the U.S. While history supports quite a few disastrous storms, April of 2011 marked what is now referred to as a “tornado outbreak”.

Throughtout April of 2011, a total of 62 tornadoes were reported to authorities, which broke all state records at that time. With startling statistics like these, it’s easy to notice that adverse weather affects many aspects of daily life here in Alabama.

An important poiont worth considering is that by deciding to drive a car during any bad storm, it not only puts the driver at risk, but also endangers surrounding vehicles on the Mobile and Baldwin County roadways and highways due to the increased risk of a weather-influenced auto collision.

At Citrin Law Firm, we believe that an aware driver is a safe driver. Learning how to prepare your vehicle for tornado season is important for your safety of yourself, the safety of your passengers, and the overall security of your automobile.

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Tornado Season Vehicle Preparation

When it comes to tornado season in Mobile and Baldwin County, preparing your vehicle to handle the potential extreme weather conditions is essential. While driving a motor vehicle in a tornado is commonly known as being extremely unsafe, if you are in a situation where a tornado is heading on an unavoidable path, there are a few “less-dangerous” options to increase safety.

Outdriving a tornado is a bad idea! However, if a tornado is in the distance and you can avoid its path, safely drive out of the path by making right-angle turns to the tornado. If possible, the best option is to find shelter once your vehicle is securely outside of the tornado’s path.

Finally, if no shelter is available in a close location, park the car or truck in a safe area, keep your seat belt fastened securely, and put your head below the windows. If a blanket or cushion of some sort is available, cover yourself to the best of your ability.


Tornado Season Facts

Kansas and Alabama lead the country in the most tornadoes per year. Though a natural disaster is unavoidable, knowing facts about the seasons, highest frequencies, and common outcomes is helpful in preparation for both your home and car or truck.

Below are some of the most interesting tornado facts:

  • The most powerful tornadoes in the world occur in the U.S.
  • Recent dry weather and the lingering effects of La Niña have contributed to the “tornado outbreak”
  • Although they can hit at any time, twisters typically happen between 3pm and 9pm
  • The average tornado lasts only a few minutes
  • Most tornadoes move in a counterclockwise rotation
  • The highest, most dangerous twister is classified as F5 on the F-scale

A cyclone can strike at any time during the year, yet Alabama typically sees the most activity in late spring.

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Alabama’s Tornado Season

Tornado season in Alabama can truly be tortuous to the residents and visitors of the state. Sometimes referred to as Dixie Valley, the Mississippi and Alabama areas are extremely vulnerable to twisters. After the tornado outbreak of April 2011, learning as much as possible about cyclones in Alabama is imperative.

Below are a few Alabama-specific tornado season facts:

  • Alabama is one of the only places in the world with a secondary tornado season, November and December
  • Spring marks the most severe weather due to twisters
  • In March 21, 1932, an enormous tornado traveled across three counties, killing 49 people
  • Alabama averages about 7 deaths and over 100 injuries per year due to tornadoes
  • Dixie Alley (which spreads into Alabama) is home to the deadliest twisters in the world

Being aware of how to prepare your vehicle for tornado season is essential when driving in this danger period. In the average Alabama driver’s lifetime, there is over a 45 percent chance of being injured or killed during an auto accident. Weather, especially twisters, can play a large role in increasing the chance of a collision.

Understandably, the potential horrors associated with twister periods are vast and wide-reaching. Knowing how to prepare your vehicle for tornado season is a proactive method of preparing yourself and your family for a storm.


How Citrin Law Firm Can Help

Our founder – Andy Citrin – has dedicated many years of his life trying to educate motorists in Alabama of the dangers of driving on our roads. Much of these efforts have culminated in the Citrin Safety Foundation – a non profit organization with a mission to educate young drivers about how they can make a choice to drive safely when they get behind the wheel.

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