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November 05, 2014
  1. 1. Beware of the Insurance Agent Who Pushes for Immediate Settlement
  2. 2. A Fair Assessment of Your Case

Most people who have sustained injuries after a car accident are not thinking clearly in the immediate aftermath. They just want their life to go back to normal. The sad reality is that it’s not so simple. Your injuries may be so severe that you can’t work, which in turn causes you to fall behind on your bills. The other party may be trying to pin the blame on you when you’re certain that he or she alone caused the accident. An experienced car accident lawyer makes all the difference at a time like this.

Beware of the Insurance Agent Who Pushes for Immediate Settlement

The insurance company representing the other driver is in business to make money. When an insurance agent receives an auto accident claim, the first priority is to settle it as quickly as possible. It is not to look out for your best interests. These agents rarely take into account how long it takes to heal from your injuries or the fact that you may never regain your pre-accident earning power. Citrin Law Firm advises against quick settlements because it is impossible to know how the accident may affect you long-term.

A Fair Assessment of Your Case

Our attorneys provide you with an honest evaluation of your case when you meet with a member of our legal team during your initial consultation. You can help by providing as much detail as you remember. It is also helpful if you have documentation confirming your version of events. These may include a copy of the original police report, medical expenses, a report from your doctor, or proof of lost wages. Having this information upfront reduces the amount of time we must spend on the discovery phase of your personal injury lawsuit.

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