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June 15, 2017
  1. 1. What Types of Compensation Are Available in Wrongful Death Cases?
  2. 2. Hire A Fatal Accident Attorney in Mobile With Experience and Legal Resources

It is unfathomable to imagine ever losing a member of you family to an accident. The unexpected loss of a loved one could be the result of medical error or misdiagnosis, nursing home neglect, childcare provider negligence, or hazardous workplace conditions. Fatal motor vehicle crashes in Alabama are many times the cause of the sudden loss of a loved one. No matter what the nature of the accident, if you believe negligence or recklessness may have been your loved one’s death, you should contact a fatal accident attorney in Mobile, Alabama to discuss your legal rights. Wrongful death claims are civil lawsuits filed by the victim’s family to compensate for losses resulting from the individual’s death. These types of legal actions typically involve litigation and therefore, it is important to hire a law firm that has experienced trial lawyers to handle your case. At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we have represented surviving spouses, children, and parents of accidental death victims from all over Alabama.

What Types of Compensation Are Available in Wrongful Death Cases?

No amount of financial compensation will ever be able to make right the accidental death of a loved one. Still, if your family were to suddenly lose a father or husband whom you depended on for supporting your household you could be faced with tremendous financial strain. The purpose of a wrongful death claim is to help provide monetary support to the dependents and family members whose lives are directly impacted. Having compensation to help your family cover the costs associated with medical bills, funeral arrangements, expenses of maintaining your household can help take these burdens off your shoulders while you grieve. A fatal accident attorney can also make sure the spouse and children are financially secure well beyond the immediate needs by fighting for anticipated future income of the deceased. Family members may also be compensated for psychological losses that can never truly be calculated such as loss of companionship, love and moral support, and other kinds of emotional anguish.

Wrongful death cases are the most tragic and our team of attorneys in Mobile, Alabama will help your family navigate the complicated legal details with professionalism, sensitivity and compassion during this difficult time. If you have suffered the death of a wife, husband, child, father, or mother, don’t hesitate to reach out a fatal accident attorney in Mobile, AL with Citrin law firm. Our initial consultation is completely free and we are here to answer your call at all times of the day and even on weekends. Call us today at 251-888-8888. Time is precious in wrongful death lawsuits. It is important that our investigators are able to begin collecting evidence and witness statements as soon as possible. Delaying could cause crucial elements that are needed to prove liability for the accident to be lost.

Hire A Fatal Accident Attorney in Mobile With Experience and Legal Resources

Because wrongful death cases can be highly sensitive and complex legal matters, you need to retain an attorney who is backed by a law firm that has years of experience in this area of the law as well as the investigative resources needed to develop a strong case against the responsible party or company. Proving fault and the extent of damages in a fatal accident requires skilled investigators and accident reconstruction specialists who work closely with your lawyer to get the best outcome for your family. Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys has nearly 30 years of expertise and in that time our firm has recovered millions of dollars in court verdicts and settlements for personal injury victims and their families in Mobile and the surrounding communities. Our priority is on making the legal process as simple and quick as possible for our clients so they can focus on emotional healing and putting their lives back together after experiencing such a catastrophic loss.


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