Workplace Disfiguration Injuries

July 31, 2014

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of disfigurement is ‘the action of spoiling the appearance of something or someone; defacement: something that spoils the appearance of someone or something; a blemish: a severe facial disfigurement.”

When we are the victim of a serious workplace accident, the injuries can often result in permanent scarring, amputation and in extreme cases, even death. Disfiguration has been known to not only affect our relationships, but also many other aspects of our daily lives.

As you might expect, this can not only challenge our ability to work and function as we once did, but it also can present deep psychological scars that can take years to handle. At the Citrin Law Firm we understand and recognize the importance that our appearance has on our personality and even self-identity.

If you have suffered a disfiguration injury on the job, it is wise to contact a Mobile workplace injury attorney for immediate attention in your legal needs.

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Causes of Workplace Disfiguration

Unfortunately, disfigurations resulting from workplace injuries still occur everyday. While these workplace disfiguration injuries are quite common, with correct oversight and precautionary measures, they can be prevented.

Some typical causes of workplace disfiguration may include:

Genrally speaking, a workplace injury disfiguration is often a result of:

If you were the victim of a workplace disfiguration injury, you may be entitled to not only worker’s compensation benefits for your medical bills and lost income, but also to possible temporary or permanent disability benefits.

If the incident included negligence of any third party besides your employer, further civil action can be pursued through a third party claim. With the knowledge and guidance of our skilled disfiguration attornies we can help you navigate through the confusing personal injury litigation process.


Mobile Disfiguration Law Firm

Using safety education methods and our own legal accountability as a reference point, the Citrin Law Firm is dedicated to the needs of our injured clients. The Citrin Law Firm is committed to helping prevent catastrophic incidents occuring in the workplace and representing those that have been the victim of a disfiguring workplace injury.

We work tenaciously to recover much-deserved benefits and always offer a high level of personal care and communication to keep you informed during each step of proceedings.

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