Daphne Attorney Discusses Personal Injuries From Fall Accidents

December 30, 2016
  1. 1. Common Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents That Result in Injuries
  2. 2. Contact A Daphne Attorney To Get Fair Compensation For Your Personal Injury

Falls may seem like minor incidents that don’t typically cause severe injuries. However, depending on the height from which you fall and the way that the fall impacts your body, you could sustain a serious injury. Falls can result neck and back injuries such as a herniated or bulging discs, broken arm, dislocated shoulder or elbow, fractures in the legs and ankles, and head trauma. These injuries can cause chronic back conditions and pain and mean lengthy recovery and time out of work. The costs associated with medical treatments, including surgeries and physical therapy, can begin to pile up very quickly and before you know it you are struggling to pay your household bills and provide for your family.

This is why it is important to consult with a Daphne attorney if you’ve suffered a slip and fall injury caused by hazardous situations in a public facility such as a recreational park, shopping center, or restaurant. In cases where the property owner failed to make sure the environment was safe and make visitors aware of any potential dangers with adequate signage, you may be entitled to recover compensation to help cover the cost of your injuries. At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, our firm has extensive experience handling premises liability injury lawsuits and we can help you get the money you need to heal after a fall accident that occurred through no fault of your own.

Common Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents That Result in Injuries

Slip and fall accident on wet surfaces in public places such as a mall or grocery store may be the property owners responsibility if they did not follow proper safety procedures and install caution signage alerting customers that the floor was wet and slippery. Fall injuries can also happen on stairways and escalators that have not been properly maintained at apartment complexes and hotels. If the landlord or property manager has knowledge of stairs or walkways that are in need of repair and present a danger to guests or tenants, they are responsible for taking corrective action to fix the unsafe conditions or install cautionary measures to ensure that people are notified of the hazard.

Business owners, public facility supervisors and other property owners and managers are accountable by law for taking steps to protect the safety of the public, guest and patrons. When they neglect this duty, they can be held liable for any injuries that happen as a direct result of their lack of care and attention to safety. Construction sites and industrial plants can be particularly risky if the company and management fail to make sure safety protocols are in place and workers are adhering to safety requirements. If job site managers are aware of dangerous situations and safety issues and do not take action to resolve the problem, they should be held accountable for their inattention and carelessness. Premises liability laws in Alabama can help protect individuals who are hurt by a fall that was the result of an unsafe environment.

Contact A Daphne Attorney To Get Fair Compensation For Your Personal Injury

When have been the victim of a slip and fall or other type of fall accident in an amusement park, shopping mall, apartment, or other public location in Alabama that was not your fault, contact Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys to discuss your case. A Daphne attorney with Citrin law firm can help you evaluate your injuries and the facts of your accident to determine whether you should pursue legal recourse for financial compensation. Our Alabama personal injury attorneys have decades of expertise in Alabama premises liability law. No matter what type of slip and fall injury you have sustained, our personal injury lawyers can help make sure you are treated fairly and the insurance adjuster doesn’t take advantage of you when it comes to compensating you for damages. At Citrin law firm, we fight for the rights of those who have been injured by the negligence of others in Daphne, Alabama. Call us today for a free evaluation at 251-888-8888.

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