Dangers of Distracted Driving in Alabama

December 02, 2013

Alabama drivers must constantly fight to the urge to give into the many distractions present on the roadways today. While texting and driving has gotten the most recent attention regarding distracted driving and the dangers associated with it, a recent study has revealed that cell phones may not be the only hazardous distraction.

A new study released from Australia indicates that having kids in the backseat can be far more distracting than talking or texting on a cellular device. In fact, the study revealed that having children in the backseat is 12 times more distracting than having a conversation on the cell phone. Constantly turning their entire head around to speak with their children, parents are some of the most dangerous motorists in Alabama today.

In addition, newly released reports from the National Safety Council have shown that over 860 people were killed on the roads in Alabama because of distracted driving. However, nationwide, over 990 deaths were associated with distracted driver accidents (where drivers were distracted when behind the wheel prior to the collision).

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