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Dog Bites

What to Do if You’ve Been Bit by a Dog in Mississippi

bit by a dog in Mississippi

As much as we like to believe that every Fido or Fluffy is well-behaved and harmless, this is simply not true. Any dog, no matter how sweet and beloved, can potentially bite or attack someone. When a dog attack happens, victims need to understand their options. Keep reading to learn what to do after an…

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Bit by a Dog in Alabama? Take These 5 Steps to Protect Your Claims

Alabama Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites are shockingly common in Alabama, and they can cause life-changing and disfiguring injuries. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what they should do after being attacked by a vicious dog – and they sometimes lose out on the compensation they deserve. In this blog, Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys outlines what you need to know…

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