Do You Need A Car Wreck Attorney After An Accident?

August 30, 2015
  1. 1. Do You Know What to Do After an Accident?
  2. 2. Is Your Property Damaged?
  3. 3. Are You Injured?
  4. 4. Have You Lost Income?
  5. 5. Is There Evidence to Support Your Case?
  6. 6. Quick Settlements from Insurance Agencies
  7. 7. Do You Know The Legal System?
  8. 8. Are You Aware of Your Statue of Limitations?
  9. 9. What to Do After an Accident

Do You Know What to Do After an Accident?

If you got in an accident, would you know what to do? In the circumstance that you end up in a car accident, your best recovery method is to be prepared. Attorney Andy Citrin in Mobile offers legal advice to determine whether you should call an attorney after a collision.

Is Your Property Damaged?

If you are involved in a car collision, most likely property damage has occurred. If you think that someone else is at fault and has caused damage to your vehicle or property after a car accident, then it is safe to call a car accident lawyer. By calling an experienced attorney, you are able to verify that you are receiving the maximum payout for damages.

Are You Injured?

If you have been hurt as the result of a car collision, an injury attorney can help make sure you avoid getting stuck paying medical bills of out pocket.

Have You Lost Income?

Unavoidably, many accidents result in serious injuries, which may leave you unable to return to work for a lengthy amount of time while you recover. You may be entitled to settlement funds if you are unable to work as the result of an accident. Recovering after a wreck is stressful enough, and if you are subsequently unable to work, you may experience greater stress. Financial problems may ensue if you cannot pay your new medical bills or take care of existing basic living expenses. The only way to know if you are being fully taken care of after a sizable accident is to call a car wreck attorney.


Is There Evidence to Support Your Case?

Evidence is a very important factor used to determine fault. If evidence is available, a reputable accident lawyer can help settle a case justly. If you have a police report from an accident that does not clearly state fault, you may be at risk.

Sometimes, the haste and confusion surrounding an accident results in wrongful blame. If you have been wrongfully accused of fault, calling an lawyer like Andy Citrin will be useful in proving your innocence. Often, fault for an accident is split equally to avoid conflict. This can result in you being given responsibility of paying expenses that you should not have to pay. If you possess any evidence proving fault, call an accident attorney like Andy Citrin. Even if you do not think you have clear evidence, the assistance of a skilled lawyer can uncover evidence that you may have missed.

Quick Settlements from Insurance Agencies

Your insurance company is always watching out for their best interest, not yours. An insurance company will aim to resolve a dispute in a way that saves them time and money. If you agree to this settlement, you may be getting a fraction of what you are entitled to. Do not accept a hasty settlement if you have received bodily injuries or property damage from a car accident. It is in your best interest to call a car wreck attorney.

Do You Know The Legal System?

Unless you are well-versed in all the laws and protocols set in a court, it is best to hire the assistance of a professional. In any circumstance that results in a courtroom decision, you will need to hire a lawyer. Whether you are nsuring your entitlement as a plaintiff or proving your innocence as a defendant, it is best to have the help of an experienced lawyer on your side.

Are You Aware of Your Statue of Limitations?

If you do not know what that term means, don’t fret. It is the length of time you have to file a claim or a case after your accident. If you are unsure of your legal time frame, don’t miss your window of time because you were never informed. Call on an expert accident attorney like Andy Citrin in Mobile. Getting in touch immediately will put you at ease and guarantee that your case is not left unresolved or expired.

What to Do After an Accident

If you have been involved in vehicle crash, it is always best to gather help from the professional who knows accidents best – Car Wreck Attorney Andy Citrin. Do not risk losing settlement funds just because you thought it would be wiser to negotiate alone. Contact one of our staff members if you are unsure of anything accident-related. An accident situation is stressful enough, don’t bring on more stress by waiting too long to call the professionals! Andy Citrin and his team offer free case evaluations- you have nothing more to lose.


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