Car vs. Motorcycle Accidents

July 31, 2014

Statistics have proven that motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than those in a passenger car.  Other figures show that 72.34 per 100,000 registered motorcyclists end up in fatal accidents versus the 13.10 in passenger cars out of 100,000.

Car and motorcycle accidents are likely to leave most motorcyclists with serious injuries; this is because a motorcyclist is extremely vulnerable in an accident mainly because their entire body is exposed, whereas those in a passenger vehicle are not.  The damage caused by these types of accidents may range depending on the speed, size and weight of the vehicles involved.  These accidents also tend to have more expensive property damage.

Due to the inability for many passenger car drivers to see motorcyclists driving along the roads of Mobile, Alabama, it has become one of the leading causes of car versus motorcycle accidents.  With a motorcycles small size and quick maneuverability, it makes it extremely difficult for drivers to see them on the road, especially if a motorcycle is driving in a blind spot.

If you a loved one or someone you know has been involved in a car and motorcycle accident in Mobile, Alabama, that person could be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and property damage.

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Statistics for Car vs. Motorcycle Accidents

There are many factors that can contribute to Alabama motorcycle accidents. Of course, many times the accidents are caused by a negligent driver or someone who is not paying attention.  The following are a few statistics on motorcycle vs. car accidents:

Most of these accidents can be avoided by motorcyclists and passenger car drivers learning how to share the road and abiding all traffic laws.

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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Seeing how a motorcyclist’s body is exposed, this makes it increasingly more likely for these people to become debilitated or worse, cause death.  Although many motorcyclists wear a helmet, other body parts are not protected. Some of the common types of motorcycle injuries include:

A number of factors can take a part in a motorcycle crash case.  Factors like if a motorcycle is carrying a passenger, modifications have been made to the bike, there is defective parts or equipment on the bike, or there is no property or medical insurance.  These factors and others can all play a part in the outcome in the case.


What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in AL

The next step is finding an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to help you with your case. There are several factors in pursuing a legal claim so it is worth your while to seek a lawyer to help determine a fair settlement or a winning verdict in your case.

A lawyer will not only allow you to have peace of mind that you are making the correct decision, but will also allow you to concentrate on recovery.  It is always best to work with an experienced Alabama motorcycle injury lawyer that can guide you in the right direction and explain exactly what needs to be done.  To speak to someone about your car versus motorcycle accident, contact Citrin Law Firm at 251-888-8888 or get your free case review by filing out the form to the right.

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