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November 15, 2015
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Car accidents can sometimes be unavoidable, but they are always devastating to some degree. Following a car accident, you may be stuck to deal with more bills, trauma, and stress. All of these factors can be escalated if it’s a big truck that you’ve been involved in a collision with, such as an eighteen-wheeler, a semi truck, or others. When these accidents happen, you could feel alone against a company that has tons of resources to help them win their case. In fact, as soon as these accidents happen, the company will dispatch an investigative team to find whatever evidence they can to back themselves up. This is when you need to call in reinforcements to stand by you and help you through this situation. If you’ve had an experience like this, and you need to find a big truck accident attorney in Mobile, then just call the Citrin Law Firm to be taken care of!


The Trauma

Big truck accidents can be fatal and extremely stressful for the victim and their families. Because the companies that own these trucks and employ these drivers have unlimited resources to protect themselves, you will need a law firm that is willing to step up its game. The Citrin Law Firm has experience in this particular area, and knows exactly which factors to investigate while working on a big truck accident case. These accidents could be caused by incorrectly secured cargo, irresponsible driving, driver fatigue, unqualified drivers, or simply by bad weather. Citrin Law is also aware of the fact that often times, these truck drivers may be under pressure to meet deadlines that put them under unrealistic time constraints, and we all know that if you are rushing when under pressure, your driving tends to be affected in a bad way. However, this is absolutely no excuse for someone to become a victim of an accident with a big truck.

There For You

Citrin Law Firm knows exactly just how much pain and suffering that comes along with being involved in any kind of car accident, not just big truck accidents alone. While these big truck companies may try to use as many tactics as possible to get rid of the blame and to lower the amount of compensation they have to pay to the victim, Citrin Law will be fighting so that the victim gets everything that they are owed. Each Citrin Law big truck accident attorney in Mobile has the passion and knowledge required to take on the job. In fact, the team at Citrin Law has fifty years of combined experience, with plenty of truck cases under their belt that they have learned from.

Other Areas of Experience

Citrin Law Firm does not only excel in areas of vehicular accidents, but a variety of others as well that involve personal injury. They can also take care of Maritime Law cases, ATV Accidents, and even dog bite cases. Even if that prescription drug or over-the-counter medication that you thought was safe to buy turns out to be extremely harmful, Citrin Law knows just what to do, and they want to help in any way possible. Visit their website now to learn more about their experience and passion


Call Today!

If you have been involved in an accident with a semi truck, box truck, eighteen wheeler or the like, and you need a big truck accident attorney in Mobile, then just call Citrin Law! Get started today by checking out their website to learn more about the services they have to offer, or to get started on scheduling a consultation!




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