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According to the American Burn Association, nearly 450,000 burn injury victims receive medical treatment each year in the United States. In 2010, the U.S. recorded approximately 5.4 million police-reported auto accidents. In that same year, the state of Alabama suffered 862 fatalities due to traffic crashes. In fact, each day in the U.S. an average of about 90 people die due to some kind of motor vehicle collision.

Burns and lacerations are amongst the most common injuries following a traffic accident in Mobile, Alabama. While these types of accident damages are rarely fatal, burns and lacerations provide quite a risk in terms of bodily harm. If not treated immediately, these ailments can turn into permanent scars and/or disabilities. Therefore, if a motor vehicle collision does occur and burns or lacerations follow, medical attention must be found as soon as possible.

When a serious collision occurs, the at-fault party and their insurance company will often attempt to limit the amount of money given to the accident victim to cover the costs of medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. For this reason, victims must make every effort to document every aspect of the crash. From hospital documentation to photographs of the accident scene and injuries suffered, the better the record that is kept increases the likelihood that compensation will be adequate.

Unfortunately, even some of the best documented auto accidents result in minimal compensation to the victim. Alabama residents who are responsible for causing an accident must be held liable for their actions. Citrin Law Firm plays an important role in this process. Utilizing the knowledge and resource from a Mobile auto accident lawyer, accident victims are placed in the best position to recover from their losses.

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Mobile AL Auto Accident Burns

In total, burn injuries in the United States are estimated to reach nearly 2.4 million each year. While different auto accidents cause different types of auto fires to occur, one of the most common is a “fuel-fed fire”. In this case, the fuel tank in a vehicle ruptures upon collision with another vehicle, thus causing a breakage in the fuel tank. Once the fuel tank is broken, a fuel-fed fire often ensures.

Auto accident victims in Alabama have been known to be rather severe. When a serious motor vehicle crash occurs, the burns vary based upon degree.

  • First Degree Burn: this type of burn involves the top layer of skin. When a first degree burn occurs, the victim often sees the first layer of skin peel off, leaving a red, irritated second layer. These burns are the least severe when compared to second and third degree burns, however, they are still very painful. Improper treatment may result in infection.
  • Second Degree Burn: An even more painful injury, second degree burns refer to both the first and second layer of skin peeling off. Blistering commonly follows and if not treated correctly, a third degree burn may form due to a decrease of blood flow and swelling.
  • Third Degree Burn: in this case, all of the layers of skin are burned off. These types of burns are the most severe and often require lengthy measures to fix the damages. Exposure to hot liquids, fires, etc. are commonly associated with third degree burns.

Citrin Law Firm has years of experience in dealing with motor vehicle collisions and the burn victims. Taking advantage of our Alabama resources, as well as a dedicated Mobile auto accident lawyer, puts accident sufferers in the best position to achieve compensation following a crash.

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Mobile AL Auto Accident Lacerations

Lacerations are another common injury that accident victims suffer from following a collision. Mobile, Alabama has seen quite a few laceration injuries in the last year. More often called a “cut”, lacerations are gashes or tattered abrasions to the skin. When an object strikes a motorist’s skin in a traffic crash, an exposed lesion often results.

Lacerations are generally broken up into the following types:

  • Over-Stretching: this kind of laceration is not common; however, when an object hits the skin at an angle and then pulls the skin, a breakage occurs.
  • Tearing: quite literally the tearing of the skin due to an auto collision.
  • Cut Laceration: this is the most common type of laceration following an accident. When a rather sharp object touches the skin (usually a blade) the first layer is usually broken. Sometimes these kinds of lacerations break deeper into the skin and hit underlying tissue.
  • Grinding Compression: when an object strikes the skin in a brushing motion or angle, the skin is then lifted and peeled back. In this case, the epidermis typically is compromised and the tissue below is damaged.
  • Split Laceration: when two object compress a part of the body causing the skin and tissues to tear. These kinds of cuts often occur on the head, face, legs, and hands.

Regardless of the particular kind of laceration, treatment is essential not only to care for the wounds, but to ensure that they do not become more severe. One of the biggest mistakes after an auto accident is when the victim is slow to seek medical attention. In addition to exacerbating injuries, accident victims must get medical treatment immediately to properly document the accident aftermath.


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