Driver Licenses Types In Alabama

//Driver Licenses Types In Alabama

Driver Licenses Types In Alabama

The state of Alabama requires that all individuals operating a motor vehicle must have an appropriate license.  The type of driver license that you’re issued will depend on the type of motor vehicle that you will be using.  Alabama driver license types differ for teen drivers, motorcyclists and commercial truck drivers.

The purpose of these licenses is to make sure that the motorists know how to operate a specific type of vehicle safely. Sadly, negligent drivers cause thousands of traffic crashes each year.

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Listed below are the different Alabama driver license types that the state offers:

Teen Drivers

Learner’s License (15 years old) – Anyone that is 15 years of age may obtain a restricted Learner’s License. The learner’s license allows teenagers to learn how to safely operate a passenger vehicle.  In order to receive the license, teens must pass the required examination.  However, teens with a Learner’s License can only drive with a licensed driver over the age of 21. After a person’s sixteenth birthday, the teenager can drive with anyone that has valid license regardless of age, as long as the licensed driver is sitting in the front seat.

Learner’s License (16 years old) – This license is for individuals that are 16 years old, that would qualify for a driver’s license except that they lack instruction. A person must pass the examination in order to receive the Learner’s License.

Driver’s License– Teenagers that are at least 16 years of age but younger than 18 who have held a Learner’s License for six months may apply for a driver’s license. In order to receive a license, the teenager must pass the road exam.


Motor Driven License (14 or 15-years old) – Any individual that is 14 or 15 may obtain a restricted license to operate a motor driven cycle that weighs 200 pounds or less and does not exceed 150cc engine displacement. Teens must pass an examination to receive a Class M Alabama driver license with a “B” restriction.  The “B” restriction indicates the teenage can only operate a motor driven cycle.

Motorcycle License (16 years of age or older)-Applicants must pass the examination for the Class M license; this license is good for four years.

Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial Driver License– In order to drive a commercial vehicle, you must have a commercial driver license (CDL). Drivers that wish to obtain a (CDL) must turn in all of the necessary documentation. In addition, an individual must already have a regular driver license (Class D) prior to obtaining a CDL.  If they are a first time applicant, individuals will have to pass the skills test.

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Unfortunately, many unlicensed drivers get behind the wheel every day. These unlicensed drivers put other motorists in harm’s way every time they get on the road. It is not uncommon for an unlicensed driver to cause a vehicle collision.

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