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Rose’s Story: Finding Closure and Peace of Mind After a Violent Dog Attack

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Rose just wanted to do her job. In addition to her “day job” in a school cafeteria, Rose worked as a house cleaner to earn a little extra income. As she was leaving a client’s house after a cleaning job, she heard a commotion. Three large dogs, which had been penned up when she arrived, had somehow freed themselves—and they were headed her way.

The owner shouted at her to run, but Rose couldn’t get away in time. The dogs attacked her, mauling her face, arms, and body. Eventually, the owner pulled his dogs off her. Rose was left with countless dog bite injuries.

Rose Suffers Extensive, Traumatic Dog Bite Injuries

Due to her severe injuries, Rose needed immediate medical care. The emergency room doctors quickly discovered the extent of her physical injuries, including:

  • Puncture wounds and cuts on her neck, arm, ear, hand, arm, face, and rest of her body
  • Extensive bruising
  • Pain throughout her entire body
  • Loss of dexterity, grip, and strength in her arms and hands

The doctors cleaned Rose up as best they could. They stitched and stapled her wounds back together and gave her medication for the pain. But the wounds quickly became irritated, Rose developed a fever, and she needed more treatment to avoid a severe infection.

Even though her cuts and bruises began to heal, Rose still struggled to pick up items with her left hand. Some of her fingers were still numb from nerve damage caused by the bites. The doctors were doing all they could, but they weren't confident that Rose would regain full function.

However, the three dogs caused more than physical damage. Unable to work, Rose’s mental health began to suffer. She was frequently nauseous and couldn’t sleep at night due to nightmares. During the day, she was anxious and constantly on high alert. Any time she heard a dog bark outside, she would have to run back into the house to feel safe and avoid a panic attack. There were blank spots in her memory, and it was a struggle to get through the day. Her doctors diagnosed her with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder and an anxiety disorder.

It felt like life as she’d known it had come to an end.

Rose Calls the Dog Bite Lawyers at the Andy Citrin Team for Help

Rose couldn’t live life this way. A hardworking and independent woman, she needed to get her life back on track. Her medical bills from her many emergency procedures and follow-up care were piling up, and the stress from the attack was making life extremely difficult. That’s when she called the Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team.

After hearing her story, we knew we had to fight for Rose and investigate her legal claims. We quickly discovered that the dogs had a history of aggressive behavior and had attacked someone before. Rose was the second person that these vicious dogs had attacked without being provoked. Our dog bite lawyers had to get closure and compensation on Rose’s behalf—and hold the reckless dog owner accountable.

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The Andy Citrin Team Wins Big for Rose

No one should have to live with complex mental health issues like anxiety and PTSD because of someone else’s dangerous pets, so we were determined to make sure Rose had what she needed to heal. While Rose focused on her health, the Andy Citrin team in Mississippi put together a strong case on her behalf. We also identified an insurance policy that could cover the cost of Rose’s injuries and medical bills and compensate her for her pain and suffering.

After months of fighting, the Citrin team secured a settlement of over $101,000 for Rose.

Hurt by a Dangerous Dog in Mississippi or Alabama? Don’t Wait to Call Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys

No one should be haunted by pain caused by other people’s bad choices. If you were hurt by a dangerous dog, in a crash that wasn’t your fault, or in an unsafe store, you could be owed significant financial compensation.

To learn more about your options and how our team can win for you, all you need to do is fill out our online form or call our office at 251-888-8888 today.


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