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Car Accident Lawyer in Foley, Alabama

Car accident victims go through a lot. There’s the loss of their property, we all know that vehicles aren’t cheap. There are also the injuries sustained. Even minor injuries can become worse over time. They can exacerbate previous or already existing health issues. Severe injuries can disrupt your entire life. There’s time missed from work. Maybe you can’t work in your chosen field. Maybe you can’t work at all. There could be a lifelong need for medical care, 24-hour nursing care, physical therapy, and other necessary treatments. Medical expenses can quickly add up into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sadly, car accidents can also cause death. Families may lose their only financial support. Children lose their parents. Parents lose their children. Some people lose the love of their life.

Accidents are rarely expected. It’s important for you to understand what you can do to prepare in advance.

Call 911 for Medical Emergencies

If you’re in a car accident in Foley, Alabama, the first thing you must do is determine whether anyone in the wreck has a medical emergency. If so, call 911. Don’t wait. The physical well-being of everyone involved in the car accident is the most important thing.

Call the Police

The police will arrive to perform an investigation. They will document the scene, write a police report, and, if necessary, issue tickets. Not all car accidents will result in the issuance of a ticket. The police report is designed to be a third-party, unbiased report. It is used by the auto insurance companies and the court to help determine legal liability. Make sure that you get the police report number so that you may pull a copy of the police report later. The police can also help you exchange personal and insurance information with the other drivers.

Document the Scene

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Car accidents are certainly no exception. You should use your smartphone to take photos of the damage to the vehicles, any obvious injuries, and document the accident scene. There can be many mitigating factors when it comes to accidents. It’s important to photograph the road where the accident took place because it creates a permanent record of what happened. It shows the condition of the road, the weather, and if there were any hazards that could have contributed to the accident.

It’s important to document the scene because even if you decide to file a legal claim, it can take months and sometimes years for your claim to be heard by the court. Memories fade over time. Science has proven that even eyewitnesses may forget key facts over time. The photos that you take can be highly beneficial in supporting your claim.

Be Careful with Your Words

Anything you say to the other individuals involved in the wreck can be taken out of context and used against you by the insurance company or the other side if you choose to file a legal claim. Do not apologize or say anything that can be construed as an apology. Ask if they need an ambulance, but do not say anything that could be considered an apology.

Get Medical Care as Soon as You Can

If you don’t have a medical emergency, there’s no need for you to call 911. You should still call the police.  It’s important to get medical care as soon as you can. Minor injuries can become worse. They can exacerbate existing health problems. Don’t wait. Waiting can be detrimental to your future claim. The other party may claim that you weren’t really injured because you waited.

Insurance Companies Don’t Always Play Fair

Foley, Alabama car accident victims should be alert to the fact that insurance companies don’t always play fair. If you receive a settlement offer from an insurance company or if you’re told by an insurance adjuster that your claim is worthless, don’t sign anything. Signing anything sent from the insurance company after a car accident could take away your right to future medical care, lost wages, and the compensation that you deserve. You could even lose your right to sue.

Call Andy Citrin

If you’re hurt in a car accident in Foley, Alabama, call Andy Citrin at 251-888-8888. With more than 30 years of personal injury experience, Andy will fight for you and help you get the compensation that you need to pay for your medical expenses, property damage, time away from work, and more. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you. Call Andy now!

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