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Six Killed in Traffic Accidents Over Labor Day Weekend

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Six people were killed in traffic accidents during the Labor Day weekend according to the Alabama State Troopers Department. Each accident took place in a different county in Alabama — Mobile, Butler, Morengo, Cherokee, Jefferson, and Coffee. At least three of the accidents were alcohol-related and the others were due to no seat belts. In 2011, more than twelve people were killed on Labor Day weekend in Alabama alone. In 2010, there were about 403 deaths nation-wide just during Labor Day weekend, and 36 percent of these fatalities were alcohol related! There were 2,179 total deaths nation-wide in 2010 just from the six major holidays. Major holidays such as Labor Day, Fourth of July, and New Year’s Day, correlate with an increased number of traffic accidents due to excessive alcohol consumption. The most dangerous time of the week to be on the road is on Saturday nights between 11p.m. to 3a.m.

The Citrin Safety Foundation was created by attorney Andy Citrin in order to enhance safety awareness to young drivers which would decrease the number of traffic fatalities based on smarter driving habits. The main focus of the foundation is to teach the National Safety Council’s defensive driving program, “Alive at 25”, to all students in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. But why stop there? Eventually, the foundation would like the opportunity to teach this course across the nation. Students who successfully complete the driving course are better prepared when they take control of a vehicle which means less fatalities. The fact that TWO of the
seven driving DANGERS were committed during the same Labor Day weekend means that young drivers between 15-24 years old are unprepared and not properly educated about safe driving practices.

This is a HUGE opportunity for the Citrin Safety Foundation to totally transform the mentality of teen drivers and provide an alternative to fatal traffic accidents. Unfortunately, not all drivers consistently adhere to the traffic laws and safety principles outlined by the CSF which usually leads to severe injuries or even deaths. If you have been personally injured in a traffic accident and need to seek legal options, call the Citrin Law Firm at 251-621-3000. If you would like more information about the mission and strategy of the Citrin Safety Foundation, call 251-626-7766 or visit