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Truck Accidents

What Caused Your Truck Wreck? Find Out From the Black Box

causes of truck accidents

You just survived a terrible truck accident, and now you’re fighting for your legal right to fair compensation. You have some evidence on your side: your medical records, the police report, and eyewitnesses, but the trucking company refuses to admit they were speeding when they lost control of the truck. You need evidence to support…

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Are We Keeping Truck Drivers Safe During the Coronavirus Crisis?

trucking coronavirus

As the coronavirus threatens to disrupt the national supply chain, truckers keep our communities safe by stocking the supplies we need. This is an invaluable service, and we are very grateful to the drivers working for our health and comfort. Unfortunately, our country’s pressing needs are forcing truck drivers to work in unimaginable circumstances. Sometimes,…

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Injured in a Wreck? Make Sure You Get the Trucker’s Logbooks

truck accident

After a truck accident, most victims have a lot of questions about the truck driver’s liability. You may suspect that the trucker was driving while drowsy, or that they being pressured to work long hours by their employer. In these cases, their logbooks may be essential to uncovering the truth. Nearly every truck on the…

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Truck Wrecks Are on the Rise in Alabama: Learn How to Stay Safe

alabama truck crash

Right now, there are thousands of big trucks on Alabama’s highways. Unfortunately, many trucking companies and drivers don’t follow our rules of the road. In 2018, 10,079 trucks crashed in our state, causing 2,629 injuries and 121 deaths in Alabama alone. These numbers have increased steadily since 2013. Big trucks don’t make Alabama roads safer…

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How to Get a Fair Settlement in Your Semi Truck Crash Case

truck accident lawyer Gulfport Biloxi Mississippi

Somehow, you survived a terrible crash with an enormous, fully loaded semi-truck. You submit an insurance claim, expecting to be fairly compensated for your medical bills, lost income, destroyed property, and all the anguish the crash caused. But that’s not what happened. The company offered you an astonishingly low number that doesn’t even cover your…

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Avoid These 4 Mistakes After a Big Truck Crash

mistakes after big truck crash

Immediately after a serious truck crash, it’s not easy to think clearly. You may be relieved to be alive and experiencing severe pain. Unfortunately, in the chaos, you may make mistakes that can reduce the value of your legal claims. At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we believe that when you’re injured through no fault of…

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4 Ways to Uncover Trucking Violations After an 18-Wheeler Crash

truck accident

Truck crashes are devastating for all involved. In a shocking number of cases, safety violations contribute to truck crashes. However, the trucking company will do everything it can to hide its trucking violations. To fight back, you’ll need an experienced truck accident lawyer who understands the federal trucking regulations and how they can impact your…

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Alabama’s Distracted Driving Laws Don’t Work

distracted driving alabama

Alabama’s Distracted Driving Laws Don’t Work — Contact Citrin Law Firm if You’ve Been Injured in a Wreck Like most states, Alabama has a law that limits texting and driving. But even though the police can stop you for texting while driving in our state, this law hasn’t reduced the number of fatal distracted driving…

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