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Find A Big Rig Accident Attorney In Daphne

September 30, 2015

Big Rigs are a Big Deal

A typical big rig weighs between 5 and 40 tons and is between 50 and 80 feet in length. These big trucks weigh anywhere from 30 to 100 times more than your car or truck does. Because of the sheer mass and size of these trucks, they are much harder to stop than a traditional vehicle. If a big rig is traveling 55 miles per hour, it takes the truck the equivalent of two football fields’ distance to come to a complete stop.

Unforeseen traffic changes, extreme weather, fatigued drivers, or loss of control can all result in a big rig accident. If the trailer of a truck extends from the trailer more than 45 degrees, something called a “jack knife” accident can occur. This happens as a result of high-speed turns or serious road conditions. When a big rig accident does happen, serious vehicle damage and personal injuries are usually unavoidable.

After a Big Truck Collision

If you are faced with the unparalleled, tragic event of a big truck accident and are lucky enough to survive, it can be a stressful situation. Medical bills can pile up and your property is now damaged or totaled. In addition, the physical recovery process is typically a long or difficult journey. After a serious truck collision, it is smart to consult with a big rig accident attorney in Daphne to make sure that you are protected and represented properly.

Economic Value

Unfortunately, big trucks are a necessary part of our national economy and transportation of goods. Big rigs are used to transport food, retail products, equipment, and other important products across the country. Combined, these large trucks transport over 6.5 billion tons of materials annually. Because we share the roads with these large trucks on a daily basis, accidents frequently happen.

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers in Daphne

By hiring a big rig accident attorney in Daphne, you can eliminate significant stress surrounding the accident. Andy Citrin and his team of truck accident attorneys will investigate your case, uncover negligence, and fight to get you an appropriate settlement to help cover accident-related expenses and missed workdays.

Insurance Settlements

After a large truck collision, many insurance companies will pressure you to accept a quick resolution or settlement. Often, these settlements are insignificant and leave you to pay accident expenses like property repair and medical bills out of your own pocket. Andy Citrin’s big rig accident attorneys in Daphne are familiar with the insurance policies big truck companies have. His team of lawyers will successfully represent you and work tirelessly to get you a larger settlement than you would have gotten alone.

Andy Wins

An experienced accident attorney will delve into the complex details of your truck accident case. Hire Andy Citrin, a knowledgeable big rig accident attorney in Daphne, to help protect you against insurance companies and quick settlements. Let us fight for you and accelerate your recovery after experiencing an 18-wheeler or semi-truck collision. Contact Andy Citrin to get the help you deserve.

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