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Zantac Lawsuits: What You Need to Know

zantac lawsuit

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled Zantac and its generic substitute, ranitidine, over concerns that it causes cancer. Now, hundreds of victims are suing manufacturers, like Sanofi, because they knew, or should have known that the drug was dangerous, and should have warned the public about using it long-term. The Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys…

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3 Tips for Making Working Virtually With Your Lawyer Easier

meet with lawyer over the phone

Social distancing and coronavirus changed how we do business. Like many businesses, Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys is still embracing teleconferences, letting us help people who are home or hospital-bound for many reasons. After a serious injury accident, it can also be hard to travel, due to life-changing injuries, lack of transportation, or the emotional stress of…

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Alabama Parking Lot Accidents: Dangerous and All Too Common

rear end car accident in alabama

Did you know that one in five car accidents happen in a parking lot or parking garage? At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we’ve helped parking lot crash victims rebuild and get the answers and compensation they deserve. However, most people don’t realize that collisions are the only cause of parking lot accidents. Potholes, debris, spills,…

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Do You Have to Put Down a Dog After an Attack in Mississippi?

dog bite mississippi

After an attack, dangerous dogs shouldn’t be able to hurt another victim. However, Mississippi doesn’t have a state-wide statute about dangerous dogs, so deciding whether a dog should be put down depends on the individual situation and dog’s history of aggression. In this blog, the Andy Citrin team outlines what happens to vicious dogs after…

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Don’t Ignore Neck Pain and Headaches After a Big Truck Crash

headache and neck pain

If you’re experiencing neck pain or headaches after a truck accident, you’re not alone. Neck and spine injuries are some of the most common issues that accident victims report after a crash. However, many people don’t realize that even a “minor” truck wreck can cause serious damage; and it sometimes takes time for neck pain…

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Drunk and Drugged Driving

teen drinking and driving

As school finishes for the summer and stay-home restrictions begin to lift, many young people will hit the road. Unfortunately, many young drivers don’t understand the risks of drug and alcohol use when they get behind the wheel, causing tragic, life-changing car accidents and fatal crashes. As parents, it’s our job to make sure our…

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What Caused Your Truck Wreck? Find Out From the Black Box

causes of truck accidents

You just survived a terrible truck accident, and now you’re fighting for your legal right to fair compensation. You have some evidence on your side: your medical records, the police report, and eyewitnesses, but the trucking company refuses to admit they were speeding when they lost control of the truck. You need evidence to support…

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Are We Keeping Truck Drivers Safe During the Coronavirus Crisis?

trucking coronavirus

As the coronavirus threatens to disrupt the national supply chain, truckers keep our communities safe by stocking the supplies we need. This is an invaluable service, and we are very grateful to the drivers working for our health and comfort. Unfortunately, our country’s pressing needs are forcing truck drivers to work in unimaginable circumstances. Sometimes,…

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Can I File a Lawsuit During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

can i file lawsuit coronavirus lockdown

For car accident victims and their families, a lawsuit against the at-fault party is an important way to get justice, closure, and the financial support they need to move forward.  Unfortunately, many victims aren’t sure how the coronavirus outbreak will complicate their legal claims. Thankfully, Alabama and Mississippi’s legal communities are working hard to protect people—while…

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