Alabama Car Wreck Attorney Shares Safety Tips To Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

//Alabama Car Wreck Attorney Shares Safety Tips To Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

Alabama Car Wreck Attorney Shares Safety Tips To Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

The holiday season is about enjoying quality time with loved ones but with the increase in family gatherings, Christmas parties, New Year celebrations, and other events it seems like we also spend a lot of time shopping. And that means we’ll all be on the road more and in and out of grocery stores, malls and other large shopping centers that will be filled with plenty of other cars and people walking. In the midst of this holiday hustle and bustle and shopping for groceries and gifts, many of us find ourselves crunched for time and in a hurry to get where we are going. But it’s important to remember to always put safety first when operating your vehicle this time of year. Whether your traveling on the highway to visit grandparents or driving a few blocks to the neighborhood market, use extra caution on the roads and in parking lots so that you can reach your destination safely and avoid car accidents.

Avoid Car Wrecks and Pedestrian Accidents With These Parking Lots Safety Tips

Busy parking lots and parking garages can be particularly hazardous places during the holidays. To help residents in the Mobile area prevent fender benders or pedestrian collisions in parking lots, here are a few safety reminders from an Alabama car wreck attorney with Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys.

Stay Alert

Oftentimes we are rushing around and distracted by what we need to get done that we aren’t paying as much attention to the tasks that seem to be on autopilot such as driving. Make sure anytime you are behind the wheel of a vehicle that your total focus is on driving and the safety of those around you. Always keep your eyes up and be prepared to stop abruptly if someone, especially a small child, steps out into the roadway ahead of your car. Accidents can occur when drivers are mentally distracted by thinking about the next thing they need to do or visually distracted by looking at their cell phone.

Do Not Speed

Sometimes serious parking lot accidents involving young children can occur if the child unexpectedly darts out from in between parked cars and gets hit by a passing car that doesn’t see them and have time to stop. That is why it is important to drive extremely carefully and slow down in parking areas. These types of crashes are preventable if drivers follow the traffic laws and adhere to the speed limit. However, it is just as crucial for parents to make sure to keep kids close and watch out for passing cars to avoid being hit. If you or your child is injured by a negligent driver, contact an Alabama personal injury attorney at Citrin law firm to protect your rights.

Take Your Time Backing Up

Accidents frequently happen in parking lots because many drivers are trying to pull in and out of parking spots simultaneously which can cause a good deal of confusion. The lack of visibility when backing out of a parking space creates a dangerous situation that could lead to a collision if you do not back up carefully at a slow speed. Trees, barriers, columns, and other structures in parking lots and garages can make it difficult to have a clear view of what’s either in front of or behind you. Always move at a slow speed and watch out for people passing on all sides of your vehicle as you are pulling into or out of a spot.

property damage from alabama car accident

Get An Experienced Alabama Car Wreck Attorney For Your Accident Injury Claim

Regardless of how carefully we drive, accidents are a fact of life. Unfortunately, we may be less on our guard when driving in parking lots and garages than when we are on the interstate. But focus and attention are just a critical in these settings and perhaps even more so because people are walking around. When you have a large volume of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians using the space at the same time, the risk for severe or even fatal injuries is higher. If you are hit by a car and suffer an injury through no fault of your own, an Alabama car wreck attorney can help. Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys is a highly experienced and skilled law firm with offices located in Mobile, Foley and Daphne, Alabama. The personal injury attorneys at Citrin law firm can handle any type of parking lot crash that was caused by negligence and resulted in personal injuries, including rear-end collisions, right of way accidents, fatal injury collisions, and back over accidents. Contact an Alabama car wreck attorney at our firm today at 251-888-8888 and learn why our clients say Andy Wins!


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